What People Say

Current Foster Parent

My husband and I have been foster parents for over 40 years.  It is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had.  I have many years’ experience in the job field from a medic in the Navy to a clerk in a grocery store, but a paycheck does not compare to a hug from a child.   We have parented newborns who look at you in innocent wonder, toddlers who crawl in your lap in happiness, sadness or just because and we have had school age kids who are frightened, angry and confused.  All have touched our hearts in their own special way.  It is such an overwhelming feeling to know we have touched theirs, also.  Our hope is always that for a short time, all our kids know we have loved them unconditionally. 

The best part of working with our current agency, Lehigh Valley Families Together, is that in most cases, I am able to build a relationship with the biological family.  This has allowed us to stay in contact with the children when they go back home.  We see them on birthdays, holidays, summer vacation, etc. 

It has been 40+ years of challenges and joy and we hope to continue for years to come.

-Linda and Joe Zuewski, LVFT Resource Parents

Former Clients

“Your sincerity made this process comfortable and portrayed compassion to your work.  You have made it possible to develop a relationship with my children.  Thank you.”  -Former Client

“Lehigh Valley Families Together really stands by their name.  They go above and beyond what needs to be done to make sure families stay together.  This is the first time my family used their services, but if all programs patterned after Lehigh Valley Families Together, there would be more family reunification.  Thanks!”  -Former Client

“I only wish that there were more people like Steve and Stacy.  They are what the program is about.  Hope, love, trust, understanding and respect.  To me, they are the heart of that place.  They also made me believe in myself.  They gave us our life back.  –Terry, former client

“Thank you so much for everything!  It’s been a long hard road, but I did it!  We did it!  We are continuing to go for counseling together.  We are very happy to be together again.  We want to let you know that it has been a pleasure to work with you both!  You will be missed! –Jaime, former client

“Our team was so helpful to my family and myself.  We are so grateful to have had not only their help, but friendship throughout this past year.  I will never forget what they had done for us!!  Thanks to not only them, but LVFT as a whole!” – Melissa, former client

“I could not have asked for a more compassionate team.  I was able to talk to them easily.  When I had problems with my mom the team was totally there for me.  There was nothing you could have done better.  You guys are the best!”  -Former Client

“They were empathic, solution oriented, kept their word, treated me with respect and were great listeners.”  -Former Client

“There isn’t any comparison to any other [reunification/preservation] agency.”  -Former Client

“They were always very professional and were a great pleasure to have visit my home!  I fell you were more willing to work with us than the others [service providers] we had in the past.”  -Former Client

“It was a pleasure working with LVFT. Their services were not only helpful, but appreciated!  [Services] do not compare [to others].  Excellent service and flexible hours were beneficial.  Thank you for your time.”  -Former Client

“Thanks for helping me reach my goals and helping me be where I am now!”  -Former Client

“You guys did a great job and I’m very proud to have my kids back and I’m very glad for your help.”  -Former Client

“The staff was very nice and kind.  It was perfect in my opinion.”  -Former Client

“They were wonderful!!  I really appreciate their time, understanding and care during this adjustment in our lives.”  -Former Client

“I think you guys exceeded my expectations and beyond…couldn’t have been more helpful.”  -Former Client